Due to illness and other unforeseen issues we have decided to make the tough decision to stop production

First and foremost:

We had a blast and look back with pride on a wild adventure. It did not work out the way we wanted, but hey, isn't that the risk of doing business.

We would like to thank all our partners in this endeavour and of course, all of you who took the chance, bought, drank and spread the word.

We hope to meet you again in other circumstances. Maybe in the sun on a terrace, laughing in a bar or going buck wild on the dance floor.

Wiebe, Anna & the rest of the Tinto Team 

Where cocktails usually contains at least one distilled liquor we want to produce mix drinks with a lower alcoholic base. Like wines for instance.

That's why we proudly present:


Amsterdam Tinto (4,9%)

a high quality

low alcoholic wine drink

with a mildly bitter freshness.

A single red grape, from an award winning winery in the Pfalz, mixed with a syrup containing ao. organic- lemons, grapefruit and a hint of cinchona.Due to our love for natural ingredients every batch is delicious & unique.

Its perfect balance comes from the craftsmanship of some of the world's best cocktailshakers and mixologist who lend a hand in sharpening the recipe. 


Amsterdam Red

bold grapes, honest citrus

and a sparkling cinchona finish

bold grapes, honest citrus

and a sparkling cinchona finish


Share your drink,

keep your company

For us our name reflects the conscientious bottled mix.

Amsterdam Tinto / Amsterdam Red


The creative and international character that flows through the veins of

our beloved city.

Originated in Andalusia

Grown in Germany

refreshed and refined in Amsterdam


Originated in Andalusia


Originated in Andalusia

Amsterdam Tinto was inspired by Tinto de Verano.

A wine-based drink that’s featured on most menus in the South of Spain.

A full-bodied red, mixed with sweet Citrus lemonade.

We discovered Tinto de Verano in 2015 whilst vacationing in Andalusia. We were sat on a terrace at sundown, looking out over rolling hills and taking a moment to reflect on the things we had

achieved that year. It’s an exercise we do every once in a while,

that leaves us energised, happy and grateful.

We took a sip of this delightful summer drink, and wondered “Why the hell doesn’t this exist in Amsterdam?”. The answer was right there, on our tongues. It was a sweet drink. A really sweet drink. It was like boozy candy in a glass.

But the spell was cast. The seed was sown. The creative fire ignited. What if we made a Tinto of

our own? A refined version, with less sugar. An alternative to the cheap wine, malty beer or

dicey mixed drinks on offer in Amsterdam. A cocktail for people to share without getting

sugar high (or shitfaced). A bottled moment of positive reflection that we could gift to others.


Grown in Germany

Grown in Germany

Amsterdam Tinto is made with one of the finest wines from The Pfalz in Southern Germany.

After researching and testing wine after wine (somebody had to do it) we discovered the Pfalz’s red wines. Also known as the Palatinates, the Pfalz is one of the greatest wine-producing regions in Germany. Over the last two decades it’s become well-known for its high quality whites and reds, produced by a number of talented young winemakers who are raking in the awards.

Spanish wines tend to have a warm and heavy flavour, perfect for a glass or even a bottle, but overwhelming for the balance of our cocktail mix. The red wines from the Pfalz are complex and full-bodied, but somehow, magically, also light and fresh. Could this be the match for Amsterdam Tinto?

Filled with a mixture of excitement and dread, we jumped in the car and drove from Amsterdam to Germany to share our cocktail making plans with the grape juice gods. Would they chase us off their land with pitchforks for our blasphemous thoughts? Or open-mindedly embrace our excellent idea?

Luckily, it was the latter. 


Refreshed & refined in Amsterdam

Refreshed and refined in Amsterdam

It took three years to transform Amsterdam Tinto into the delicate balance of flavours it is today. A mixture that reflects the beautiful city it was created in: our beloved Amsterdam.

Amsterdam is a delectable cocktail in itself. A perfect mixture of local and international creatives with an outstanding drive to improve the quality of life, for themselves and for others. We looked to this city and its diversity for inspiration when refining our Amsterdam Tinto.

Amongst our 'Amsterfam' are a number of talented mixologists, syrup makers (Saru Soda) and enthusiastic guinea pigs. With them by our side, we embarked on an extremely enjoyable journey of trial, error and hangovers. We adjusted the drink’s tartness, strength and sugar levels. We played with different natural aromas. We tried every variation of it on the bitterness scale. 

When our fresh Amsterdam Tinto was exactly right, we began the arduous process of bottling it. We didn’t want to add any nasty preservatives to our mix. But how could we get its wonderful fresh flavour to survive the constraints of time? Working with a professional laboratory and then joining forces with a specialised wine cocktail bottler, a two year refining process finally led us here: to the Amsterdam Tinto as you are drinking it now. The refining process is never fully over, since the nature of wine is inconstant. But it’s a process we perform with the utmost care, and a whole lot of love too.


Big enough for the thirsty ones

Big enough to share those precious moments


The Tinto team

Tinto Team

Amsterdam Tinto was originated by Wiebe van den Ende and Anna Möller. They combined their passion for creating, sharing and enjoying life… and poured it into a bottle.

Wiebe is an Amsterdam filmmaker and creative, balancing commercial work with writing and directing fiction films. He’s one of the few Virtual Reality specialists in the Netherlands, and is working on a VR series as well as writing a feature film at the moment. A true Dutchman, Wiebe is over 2 metres tall, and has boundless energy to match his height. In his free time, he rides a Harley, shops for odd coloured shoes and fronts a Prodigy tribute band that gigs for humungous crowds.

Anna is in her final year of training as a General Practitioner. She has German roots, just like Amsterdam Tinto. Her dedication to getting to the root of a problem, paired with her genuine kindness and charming, bright smile, make her the engaged doctor everyone hopes for when they need help with their aches and pains. Anna has caused her fair share of aches and pains too - throughout her studies she worked as a professional cocktailshaker. In those days in Amsterdam paracetamol flew off the shelves.

Wanna taste our

Amsterdam Tinto?

 Wanna taste Amsterdam Tinto?

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You know whom to share with, but the missing puzzle piece is: where?

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Wanna sell our 

Amsterdam Tinto?

Wanna sell Amsterdam Tinto?

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