Amsterdam Tinto

A high quality,

low alcohol wine drink

with a mildly bitter freshness

At Amsterdam Tinto we love life. And life’s finer pleasures.

So we’ve created a craft wine drink. Perfectly refined, in our humble opinion, using only first class ingredients.


When you crack open a bottle of Amsterdam Tinto, you’re doing more than just indulging in a delicious drink. Beside satisfying your cocktail cravings, this banging beverage will satisfy your soul. 


As Amsterdam Tinto touches your lips, we want you to celebrate yourself. Celebrate where you’re at. What you’ve achieved. All the good stuff that the rat race can make you forget.

And since we believe life’s pleasures are multiplied when shared, Amsterdam Tinto comes in pairs: our bottled cocktails contain not one, but two glasses of the magic stuff. 

Celebrate together: Share your drink, keep your company! 

Amsterdam Red

The creative and international

character that flows through

the veins of our city

New drink on the block


Share your drink,

keep your company

Our first drink and flagship is:

Amsterdam Tinto


A high quality, low alcohol wine drink

with a mildly bitter freshness.

Amsterdam Tinto was inspired by the Andalusian Tinto de Verano, but it’s less sweet and more aromatic. An invaluable addition to the Amsterdam drink palette, if you ask us.

Or anyone else with tastebuds.


Originated in Andalusia


Originated in Andalusia

Amsterdam Tinto was inspired by Tinto de Verano.

A wine-based drink that’s featured on most menus in the South of Spain.

A full-bodied red, mixed with sweet Citrus lemonade.

We discovered Tinto de Verano in 2015 whilst vacationing in Andalusia. We were sat on a terrace at sundown, looking out over rolling hills and taking a moment to reflect on the things we had

achieved that year. It’s an exercise we do every once in a while,

that leaves us energised, happy and grateful.

Grown in Germany

Grown in Germany

Amsterdam Tinto is made with one of the finest wines from The Pfalz in Southern Germany.

After researching and testing wine after wine (somebody had to do it) we discovered the Pfalz’s red wines. Also known as the Palatinates, the Pfalz is one of the greatest wine-producing regions in Germany. Over the last two decades it’s become well-known for its high quality whites and reds, produced by a number of talented young winemakers who are raking in the awards.

Refreshed & refined in Amsterdam

Refreshed and refined in Amsterdam

It took three years to transform Amsterdam Tinto into the delicate balance of flavours it is today. A mixture that reflects the beautiful city it was created in: our beloved Amsterdam.

Amsterdam is a delectable cocktail in itself. A perfect mixture of local and international creatives with an outstanding drive to improve the quality of life, for themselves and for others. We looked to this city and its diversity for inspiration when refining our Amsterdam Tinto.

Never drink alone,

unless you’re really thirsty


The Tinto team

Tinto Team

Amsterdam Tinto was originated by Wiebe van den Ende and Anna Möller. They combined their passion for creating, sharing and enjoying life… and poured it into a bottle.

Wiebe is an Amsterdam filmmaker and creative, balancing commercial work with writing and directing fiction films. He’s one of the few Virtual Reality specialists in the Netherlands, and is working on a VR series as well as writing a feature film at the moment. A true Dutchman, Wiebe is over 2 metres tall, and has boundless energy to match his height. In his free time, he rides a Harley, shops for odd coloured shoes and fronts a Prodigy tribute band that gigs for humungous crowds.

Anna is in her final year of training as a General Practitioner. She has German roots, just like Amsterdam Tinto. Her dedication to getting to the root of a problem, paired with her genuine kindness and charming, bright smile, make her the engaged doctor everyone hopes for when they need help with their aches and pains. Anna has caused her fair share of aches and pains too - throughout her studies she worked as a professional cocktailshaker. In those days in Amsterdam paracetamol flew off the shelves.

Wanna taste our

Amsterdam Tinto?

 Wanna taste Amsterdam Tinto?

Sure you want to quench your thirst on a bottle (or two) of Amsterdam Tinto. We can't blame you. 
You know whom to share with, but the missing puzzle piece is: where?

Check here for all the dope places where you can share your drink, keep your company.

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Wanna sell our 

Amsterdam Tinto?

Wanna sell Amsterdam Tinto?

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